101: Blue Pill, Red Pill

Welcome to Make Belief’s Pilot Episode. This is just a sprinkling of what is to come in our series. We start by unpacking the origins and mechanics of Belief: What is it? Why to we Believe? When did we first start believing in things and why is it hard to shake our beliefs? A host of scientists, philosophers, speakers and people on the street weigh in. Then a sneak peek of the pillars of belief to come. Thank you for listening!

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Andrew Newberg, MD, Julia Galef, Rabbi David J. Wolpe, Simone Wright, Billy Demoss, Bridget Hedison, Dr. James Giordano, PhD, Dr. Steven Novella, James Fallon, PhD, Eddie Izzard, George Carlin, Dr. Herbert Benson, Dr. Helen Fisher, Daniel Dennett, PhD, Christopher Hitchens, Alan Aragon


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